Automatic Contract Analysis helps saving time and increasing efficiency in Audit & Due Dilligence activities.

In our webinar on Tuesday Feb 28, 2023 we have shown the audience how a task such as identifying key information from contract documents can be addressed with Kairntech.

A categorization model that identifies a particular type of contracts inside a larger set of other documents was trained and applied. On the resulting subset then a second model was trained to extract key information. These steps can be combined into a task specific NLP pipeline: all that inside the Kairntech platform and without the need to write a single line of code.

Automatic Contract Analysis & GPT

Since these days there is a lot of buzz about GPT and its capabilities, we also visited this new exciting technology. GPT is already integrated into Kairntech platform and we showed result on our scenario and discussed options and requirements for a GPT deployment.

The slides we have shown during the webinar can be accessed below.

The screenshots of the demo we presented during the webinar can be accessed below.