A fast, accurate & fun AI-Powered Natural Language Processing Platform for everyone, to build and run AI Assistants at scale.

Text annotation & Dataset creation

Upload your documents, annotate and create dataset quickly with our unique suggestion engine.
Achieve high quality dataset using our powerful search, filtering and navigation features.
Text in any format, including audio.

Machine Learning experimentation

Evaluate different state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Deep Learning libraries.
Train your models on dataset, tune and select the most appropriate one.
No coding required.

Annotation pipeline & Knowledge Base

Build your annotation pipeline with your custom models and possibly Knowledge Base especially when it comes to ensure normalization, disambiguation & linking of information.
Any Knowledge Base, including Wikidata, always up-to-date.
Your AI assistant is ready.

Deployment & Monitoring

Deploy your annotation pipeline into your workflow, set up feedback loops to improve models performance and continue feeding your Knowledge Base.
Your AI assistant is up & running.




• Build training datasets & powerful NLP models in days without writing code
• Increase the value of information by linking public & private knowledge graphs
• Exceed 90% accuracy by efficiently leveraging business domain expertise


• Keep up with the ever growing volumes of input and sources
• Create powerful NLP models without writing a line of code
• Leverage domain competence to get the job done faster and better


 • Seamlessly automate your document processing tasks

• Build robots in days without programming skills
• Deploy at scale within hours


Powerful AI and NLP software is vital to accomplish knowledge discovery in an efficient and fast manner for our scientists.

Dr. Karlheinz Spenny – Head of the Scientific Information Center

We just released our new version heavily driven by the Kairntech NLP platform for the semantic aspects with a pretty massive impact.

Hugo Le Houarner – CEO

We are delighted to embark the Kairntech team in phase 2 of the DGA’s Artemis project to boost our capacity for innovation in AI & NLP.

Eric Rous – Senior Manager

To make the most of our content, it is essential to build high-quality AI models simply and quickly and to combine them with knowledge base.

Gaëlle Recource – Head of Content

The handling of the platform was very quick. We use it to accelerate dataset production with significant time savings.

Benjamin Carpano – CEO

Very useful platform and intuitive. The suggestion engine is clearly a monstrous time-saver. It even makes you want to annotate more!

Cédric Lagnier – CTO

We have integrated the Kairntech platform to boost our productivity while being able to offer to our customers the ability to analyse an ever growing number of documents.

Hugo Simon-Chautemps – COO

Our Technology and Innovation Intelligence services are based on semantic language models where Kairntech’s solutions accelerates the building process in a significant way.

Tim Schloen – Founder

With Kairntech, we produced verbatim analysis prototypes in record time. Their AI/NLP platform is essential for our new Customer Experience (CX) platform.

Arnold Haine – CTO

Ready for NLP democratization?

We made it fast, accurate and fun for everyone.

Quickly build and run AI assistants that will power your documents processes, saving you time and effort. Anybody can do it, no need for technical knowledge.

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For 20 years, we have been building Text Mining solutions in industry and public organizations contexts.
We created Kairntech in December 2018 to make NLP easy-to-use by domain experts without IT skills.
We leverage NLP with advanced methods including Machine Learning, Deep Learning &
Knowledge Base technologies to extract insights from your documents.

We are a team of seasoned and forward thinking people.

Gilles Pouzenc

Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Nibart

Chief Operation Officer

Stefan Geissler

Chief Scientific Officer

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