From Documents to Business Impact
From Documents to Business Impact
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Our Product

A fast, accurate & fun
AI-Powered Natural Language Processing Platform for everyone

Text annotation
& Dataset creation

Create datasets quickly by simplifying the job of domain experts while supporting them in getting high quality. Text in any format, including audio.

ML experimentation
& Model validation

Evaluate different ML libraries (CRFSuite, Spacy, Delft, Flair, Scikit-learn...) on your dataset, tune and select the most appropriate Machine Learning model. No coding required.

ML models deployment
& Knowledge Graph

Trained model combined with Knowledge Graph to provide entity normalization, disambiguation & linking. Any knowledge Graph, including Wikidata, always up-to-date.

ML models monitoring
& KG population

After integration in your workflow, the Kairntech Sherpa platform continues to feed the Knowledge Graph while learning from new text to improve the model performances.


Boeringher Ingelheim

Powerful AI and NLP software is vital to accomplish knowledge discovery in an efficient and fast manner for our scientists.

Dr. Karlheinz Spenny, Head of the Scientific Information Center.


We just released our new version heavily driven by the Kairntech Sherpa platform for the semantic aspects with a pretty massive impact.

Hugo Le Houarner, CEO.


Sopra Steria

We are delighted to embark the kairntech team in phase 2 of the DGA's Artemis project to boost our capacity for innovation in AI & NLP.

Eric Rous, Senior Manager.


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About us

  • 1998-2018

    Where we come from

    For 20 years, we have been building Text Mining solutions in industry and research organizations context.

  • January 2019

    Kairntech was born

    Kairntech was born from the idea of bridging the gap between Machine Learning and Software Engineering.

  • September 2019

    Our MVP is ready

    We have started a beta-test campaign to get a market assessment and learn from feedbacks of selected users.

  • March 2020

    'Caipirinha' is released

    We have adjusted and stabilized our product, version 'Caipirinha': we are now ready to sell it.

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Our Team

Our team builds on the extensive experience from AI projects with many industry clients and research organizations during the last 20 years.

We have a solid background in NLP, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Software Engineering and Solution Delivery.

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