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  • Upload text or documents (news, abstracts, contracts, patents, customer feedback…)
  • Experiment with ready-to-use processing pipelines
  • Ask questions to internal documents and get smart answers with references and links to the source

Create finetuned custom language models

  • Create datasets with programmatic labeling, curation, manual or assisted text labeling tools…
  • Train AI models with the latest Machine and Deep Learning libraries
  • Assess the quality of the model, make adjustments and obtain the best possible accuracy

Build processing pipelines

  • Combine LLMs, off-the-shelf AI models, custom-built AI models…
  • Add off-the-shelf or build your own technical components
  • Test pipelines on new documents

Deploy, run & keep learning

  • Quick IT integration with the REST API
  • Deploy with a scalable and secure production server
  • Ensure continuous training and knowledge enrichment with human-in-the-loop


Powerful AI and NLP software is vital to accomplish knowledge discovery in an efficient and fast manner for our scientists.

Dr. Karlheinz Spenny – Head of the Scientific Information Center

We just released our new version heavily driven by the Kairntech NLP platform for the semantic aspects with a pretty massive impact.

Hugo Le Houarner – CEO

We are delighted to embark the Kairntech team in phase 2 of the DGA’s Artemis project to boost our capacity for innovation in AI & NLP.

Eric Rous – Senior Manager

To make the most of our content, it is essential to build high-quality AI models simply and quickly and to combine them with knowledge base.

Gaëlle Recource – Head of Content

Together with Kairntech, we have succeeded in analyzing the rapidly growing literature in the field of psychiatric diseases in an automated way in a short time.

Martin Hofmann-Apitius – Head of SCAI Dept of BioInformatics

Very useful platform and intuitive. The suggestion engine is clearly a monstrous time-saver. It even makes you want to annotate more!

Cédric Lagnier – CTO

We have integrated the Kairntech platform to boost our productivity while being able to offer to our customers the ability to analyse an ever growing number of documents.

Hugo Simon-Chautemps – COO

Our Technology and Innovation Intelligence services are based on semantic language models where Kairntech’s solutions accelerates the building process in a significant way.

Tim Schloen – Founder

With Kairntech, we produced verbatim analysis prototypes in record time. Their AI/NLP platform is essential for our new Customer Experience (CX) platform.

Arnold Haine – CTO

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You have questions? Make your documents answer to you!

Posted on
Kairntech Question&Answer allows you to interact in natural language with your own content. Finding answers specific question in complex documents or large collections of documents can be a cumbersome effort, despite powerful search engine technologies: Often users find themselves trying different combinations of AND and OR and exact phrase searches and so on. Still they … Continue reading You have questions? Make your documents answer to you!

Use the power of LLMs on your own documents using Kairntech

Posted on
Natural language questions and answers on local and confidential information Introduction Large Language Models (LLMs such as GPT) have sparked significant progress in the way, users can interact with text: they deliver impressive results on tasks such as text generation, text summarization and many other scenarios. The predominant mode of interaction with LLMs is using … Continue reading Use the power of LLMs on your own documents using Kairntech

Fraunhofer SCAI and Kairntech publish joint work about analysing scientific information

Posted on
Yet another paper on AI/NLP -powered knowledge graph creation Elsevier’s “Artificial Intelligence in the Life Sciences” is to publish another text from Fraunhofer SCAI with contributions from Kairntech about “A natural language processing system for the efficient updating of highly curated pathophysiology mechanism knowledge graphs”. Lead author Negin Babaiha and her colleagues outline the architecture … Continue reading Fraunhofer SCAI and Kairntech publish joint work about analysing scientific information


The experienced Kairntech founding team created their first language technology company back in 2001! Kairntech itself was founded in 2019 to benefit from new open-source driven AI language technologies and provide a great user experience for business users to create new and innovative language services.

This has become all the more crucial since the recent phenomenon of LLMs (Large Language Models) that will further boost innovative language services. A fantastic chat experience for question answering on internal data is a perfect example of the exciting new possibilities that LLMs provide. Especially when doing so in a secure environment and respecting intellectual property.

Gilles Pouzenc
Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Nibart
Chief Operation Officer

Stefan Geissler
CEO Germany

Anne de Chauvigny

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