Key features


  • 50+ pre-packaged components in easy-to-use web environment
  • Experiment question-answering (RAG), information extraction, text classification…
  • Benefit from ready-to-use Knowledge Bases, AI Models & Large Language Models (LLMs)


  • Build dataset with text labeling tools
  • Train AI models, fine tune embeddings models, LLMs and integrate your vocabulary
  • Evaluate and benchmark quality to tune and optimize results


  • Deploy pipelines in your secured infrastructure
  • Customize UI to fit your corporate branding or embed into your app through our REST API
  • Run on a large scale, taking advantage of a distributed environment


  • Implement feedback loop with our REST API
  • Retrain AI models for continuous improvements
  • Automate Knowledge Base enrichment


iQNow platform integrates AI via Kairntech for Boehringer scientists, facilitating access to vast information, enabling natural language queries, and refining results through experimentation.

Dr. Michael Schorpp, Head of Knowledge Management and AI at Boehringer Ingelheim

The Iris editorial console, integrating Kairntech, enhances global journalistic efficiency across multiple languages. AFP prioritizes language technologies and AI for ongoing innovation.

Philippe Maisonnave – Senior Manager

We are excited to welcome the Kairntech team to join us in the DGA’s Artemis.AI project, where their expertise will play a crucial role in enhancing our innovation capabilities in the fields of AI and NLP.

Eric Rous – Senior Manager

To make the most of our content, it is essential to build high-quality AI models simply and quickly and to combine them with knowledge base.

Gaëlle Recource – Head of Content

Together with Kairntech, we have succeeded in analyzing the rapidly growing literature in the field of psychiatric diseases in an automated way in a short time.

Martin Hofmann-Apitius – Head of SCAI Dept of BioInformatics

The new version of the Cairn.Info portal will benefit from the Kairntech software, which has enabled us to simplify, extend and accelerate the implementation of AI. We will be able to offer our customers innovative GenAI services, while being more efficient.

Jean-Baptiste de Vathaire – CEO

We just released our new version heavily driven by the Kairntech AI software for the semantic aspects with a pretty massive impact.

Hugo Le Houarner – CEO

Our Technology and Innovation Intelligence services are based on semantic language models where Kairntech’s solutions accelerates the building process in a significant way.

Tim Schloen – Founder

Quote to come.

Christelle Housset – Senior Manager

Deliver business value faster with Kairntech AI language copilots

Build, industrialize and maintain natural language processing services all the way from prototyping, customization, embedding in applications through a rich API, industrialization to continuous improvement.

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EU Project MindSpeak has started

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What do we want to do? Digital mental healthcare interventions (DMHIs) have been repeatedly mentioned as a possible solution for the growing demand for accessible treatment for patients suffering from common mental health problems (i.e., depression and anxiety disorders). NiceDay’s DMHIs platform has been academically verified as an effective tool for treating depression or anxiety … Continue reading EU Project MindSpeak has started


The experienced Kairntech founding team created their first language technology company back in 2001! Kairntech itself was founded in 2019 to benefit from new open-source driven AI language technologies and provide a great user experience for business users to create new and innovative language services.

This has become all the more important because recent innovations in LLMs (Large Language Models) have enabled a lot of new and exciting use cases such as question answering services (RAG).

Gilles Pouzenc
Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Nibart
Chief Operation Officer

Stefan Geissler
CEO Germany

Anne de Chauvigny

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