Building natural language services

Business and IT stakeholders struggle to build natural language services due to the complexity and scope of the technology ecosystem.

Can Kairntech’s AI provide a solution?

Do-it-yourself with the Kairntech low-code natural language platform

A low-code platform

  • Quickly build smart applications, without being a programmer
  • Benefit from pre-packaged technologies, services, algorithms and pipelines.

It’s not only about LLMs

  • LLMs are a recent phenomenon. The natural language technology eco-system is broad, rich and has been around for many years.
  • Good to know that the Kairntech founding team created their first language technology company back in 2001!

No pain, no gain  

  • Training custom AI models with domain experts and leveraging taxonomies or business vocabularies create a superior performance.
  • You’d be surprised how fast unique models are created, enhancing your intellectual property.

How does it work?

Upload your documents and select a few dozen examples of information elements that are of interest.

Get fast results with pre-packaged LLMs. Then improve and finetune models with the help of domain experts.


Combine models with other components, deploy and integrate language services in record time.

We are here to help

Absolutely. Firstly, only relevant text snippets are shared with public LLMs, not full documents. Secondly, the LLM providers are not allowed to train their models based on the text snippets that are uploaded.

Yes, it is possible to have a customized support if you wish. Kairntech can develop your solution according to your specifications in a few days.

Yes, we can integrate your business vocabulary in our system.

Access to the Studio costs 3K € per year per named user.

A first industrialized project costs 15K € per year for a startup and 25K € for SME & large enterprise. The  cost for additional projects amounts to several thousands of Euros per year. Costs for LLM API access may be added.

100% secured, 100% transparent


All our data storage systems take into account the constraints of the GDPR.


Manage fine-grained access rights to facilitate access to multiple stakeholders.


In the cloud or on-premise, choose the mode that best suits your organization.

They trust us

Can documents analysis be automated?