Kairntech in a nutshell

Kairntech enables to easily & quickly build and deploy AI Language Solutions to make them work for you, leveraging large pretrained AI models and custom-built AI models.

The Kairntech software supports many NLP tasks in a no-coding and easy-to-use environment. 

The platform allows you to:

  • Create project and import documents
  • Use off-the-shelf models (pretrained models like LLMs) for text classification, entity detection, clustering, summarization, text generation, word-sentence embeddings and much more…

If this is enough, that’s fine.

But most business needs require specific models that improve off-the-shelf models in terms of accuracy, scope, cost and technical performance while ensuring confidentiality constraints for example.

In this case, the platform also allows you to….

  • Create your annotation components when you need to apply your own vocabularies,
  • Create your domain-specific training datasets when you need to fine-tune a pretrained model. We will provide you manual or assisted text annotation tools,
  • Experiment with state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Deep Learning frameworks to create your custom AI models,
  • Evaluate and compare the accuracy of your AI models, and also with off-the-shelf models!
  • Create NLP pipelines combining one (or more) of these custom-built AI models, components with your own vocabularies and possible off-the-shelf models like large AI models to inject extra knowledge to a prompt,
  • Deploy in production these NLP pipelines through a unified REST API,
  • Monitor your pipelines by updating your training datasets and AI models at regular intervals using the unified REST API.

Now let’s move on to the first step: