How to annotate entities manually?

Unless you have imported documents with annotations in json format, your documents will at the beginning not contain any annotations (the information you want to model to learn).

So these annotations will have to be added now by hand.

You will spend a fair amount of the effort in your project here and the software supports you doing this as quickly and effortless as possible.

You can chose to label text in the Segments view or in the Documents view.

  • Click on the label name to select it in the right panel
  • Highlight the text with the mouse,
  • The annotation is created when releasing the mouse.
  • If you want to manually delete the annotation, you have to click on the red cross.
  • You can configure the automatic text selection to extend the fragment of text you want to annotate as below:

Important note:

  • A segment is in the dataset as soon as it contains an annotation
  • Do not proceed to the next segment until all entities have been correctly annotated
  • A segment must be¬†consistently¬†annotated.
  • If you use the Documents view to annotate text, you may encounter an error if you want to annotate a group of words which starts in one segment and continue in another segment.

Let’s move on to the next step: