How to experiment entity detection with models?

Once you decide you have enough annotations, it’s time to run an experiment: Launch a machine learning algorithm to learn the concepts you have added and construct a model that you can use to automate this task in the future.

Kairntech allows you to run sophisticated training runs, using also powerful deep learning methods and all that without any coding.

Run experiments to test different algorithms.

  • Go to the Experiments view
  • Use the two predefined experiments below where the parameters are set to reasonable default values.
Predefined experiments using CRFSuite and Spacy engines for Entity detection project
  • Launch the 2 experiments and visualize the quality results by comparing the two different engines.
Assessing quality (fmeasure) on each label

If you want to create your own experiments using CRF-Suite, Spacy, Flair, Delft (Bi-LSTM) and much more… with your parameters, go to How to experiment entity detection with models (advanced)?