How to review your dataset?

After having spent some time annotating data, you may be interested to see how much progress you have made, how many annotations you have added and how they are distributed over the set of labels.

  • Go to the Documents view (Text classification project) or Segments view (Entity detection project) 
  • Select “Labelled” in the filter “Status
  • The result list is your dataset
  • Select a label in the filter “Label name” to do a more targeted review on just this label. This is a good way to see if any annotations are incorrect!
  • Apply “exclusive” mode on the label chips. This is a good way to see if annotations are missing!


  • The dataset must be as accurate as possible: No false annotations, no inconsistencies, no missing annotations
  • Go the Labels view and make sure that the annotations are correctly distributed according to the labels … as far as possible
  • If after your annotation effort some types have only received very few examples try to go back to your documents/segments and add in particular sample for these types.
  • You can use the menu Dashboard | Dataset to see the distribution of annotations.

Let’s move on to the next step: