Implementing superior AI models requires tools

Data scientists need to build AI models. However, cleaning up text, labeling data in teams, training models, assessing quality, tracking machine learning experiments… are tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Can Kairntech’s AI make life easier for Data Scientists?

Focus on your expertise, we take care of the rest

A fully integrated, pre-packaged and open environment

  • Save time on data preparation and model training, reconciliation and output formatting
  • Easily parameter pre-packaged and state-of-the-art machine and deep learning algorithms
  • Import your own models through the Python SDK

Connect training datasets with AI experiments

  • Assess the quality of experiments, return to the training dataset at any time, correct it, add new annotated text, and re-train all your models to see immediately if the quality improves.

Boost team collaboration

  • Collaborate seamlessly with domain experts to improve annotation in targeted areas to increase model quality.

How does it work?

Upload your documents, clean and prepare data, define your annotators and configure your annotation campaign.

Configure training & model parameters, select embeddings, launch your experiments.


Check quality by comparing the predictions with the true labels, refine dataset, iterate to find the best AI model.

We are here to help

Yes, you can export dataset in our JSON format if you want to do your experiments on your side. Bear in mind you have a full set of state-of-the-art algorithms ready to be tested. DeepLearning algortihm are embedded with state-of-the-art embeddings.

Yes, it is possible. We have to validate it before and then proceed to the integration & packaging. This may be a question of days for us.

Yes, it is possible to develop custom converter, formater processor and much more. We have a SDK to do that.

Yes, it is perfectly possible. We have already done this with a number of Hugging Face models. We have a SDK to do this quickly (matter of hours/days).

Access to the Studio costs 3K € per year per named user.

100% secured, 100% transparent


All our data storage systems take into account the constraints of the GDPR.


Manage fine-grained access rights to facilitate access to multiple stakeholders.


In the cloud or on-premise, choose the mode that best suits your organization.

They trust us

Can Kairntech’s AI make life easier for Data Scientists?