We are pleased to share the recording of our webinar we held on April 4, 2024.

Use case: Exploiting the Enron e-mail corpus

During this product update webinar we show firstly the perspective of an end-user using the Enron e-mail corpus as an example:
👉 Ask a question or select from pre-configured questions (convenient for support or onboarding)
👉 A summary of the generated answer with links to the right chunks of information
👉 Access the original source and view the relevant chunk immediately in context, a huge time-saver for everyone who searches for information in documents
👉 Select basic options: search method, vectorizer and Large Language Model (LLM)
👉 Filter on metadata to obtain better results

RAG: behind the scenes

Afterwards we have a quick look behind the scenes using different projects on news items and patents:
👉 Easy and quick question-answering project creation
👉 Customize components with dedicated pipelines for conversion (speech, video or information contained in spreadsheets such as audit reports can be used), chunking and vectorizers
👉 Create metadata contained in the source or through purpose-build models for classification or named entities
👉 Modify and enrich prompts, add and compare LLMs

If you want the presentation in PDF format you can find it here!