The ultimate OSINT toolset

Finding the proverbial needles in the haystack of information sources requires a complex value chain: information collection and monitoring, classification, entity & event detection, question answering…

Can Kairntech’s AI solve these challenges?

Spend time finding value from OSINT data, we take care of the rest.

Over 10,000 sources pre-configured

  • With the help of a Kairntech partner you can easily and quickly configure sources
  • Monitor websites, information providers, social networks or document management systems.

Generate rich metadata to make information findable 

  • Build custom AI models in record time to filter your content
  • Revolutionize the way intelligence is shared within an organization by greatly facilitating its access

Ask questions to multiple sources, find answers immediately

  • You can ask questions and obtain answers from a wide variety of OSINT documents.
  • Obtain a summary using LLMs and view relevant text segments with a link to the original document.

How does it work?

Define sources to monitor by topic and start collecting OSINT data

Build customized NLP and question answering pipelines

Provide secure access to advanced search, filtering and question answering for collaborators and define reports and alerts

We are here to help

Yes this is possible, but recommended to use on a small scale

This depends on the type and scope of the intelligence you want to collect.

Yes, you can benefit from dedicated support. Kairntech can build your solution according to your specifications in a few days.

Absolutely, the Kairntech AI allows you to analyze a wide range of documents including general assemblies, court decisions, company status or legislation.

100% secured, 100% transparent


All the systems that process and store data are fully GDPR compliant


Manage fine-grained access rights to facilitate access to multiple stakeholders


Select the deployment method (on-premise or Cloud) that best fits the needs of your organization

They trust us

Can the analysis of my OSINT data be automated?