Grenoble/Stuttgart March 6, 2023 – For their upcoming research project on Open Innovation, funded by the German Bundesland Baden-Württemberg, Fraunhofer IAO and TecIntelli have selected the AI/NLP platform from Kairntech.

Kairntech will support the relevant large-scale analysis of web content and scientific publications in order to derive insights into trends and options around innovation processes.

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Innovation also means: reading a lot!

Fraunhofer IAO and TecIntelli have been working on detecting, analysing and structuring innovation processes in technology for several years. In the current research project, the project team wants to investigate how the search for suitable partners to innovate with can be accelerated. 

“We are really looking forward to investigating the potential of the application of AI in the field of Open Innovation. We want to find out how the platform can support companies in finding the right partner to cooperate faster and better compared to classical approaches.”

Dr. Michael Schmitz, project manager at TecIntelli

One key ingredient in the process of analysing the innovation landscape on a given technological field is often a comprehensive analysis of the available content: Publications, conference proceedings as well as content from the websites of relevant players in the field. This quickly amounts to considerable and dynamic volumes of text content that must be assessed, making the availability of automatic AI-powered support essential.

Kairntech: State of the Art AI-powered content analysis

Kairntech is a french-german AI/NLP specialist with a focus on integrating state-of-the-art analysis approaches into a no code/low code application, that allows domain experts to focus on their area of expertise, benefitting from the AI-powered results and insights without the need for specific coding: information extraction, categorization, annotation with large, multilingual, multi-topic built-in thesauri or summarization are among the capabilities the software offers.

“For Kairntech, is it quite an encouragement to get selected by the Fraunhofer IAO and TecIntelli experts. They have a good overview of the AI landscape and are seasoned professionals on the relevant requirements. The fact that they turn to Kairntech when they needed to ensure automatic support for their project confirms the core choices that we made when designing our NLP platform.”

Stefan Geißler, Kairntech Co-Founder

The project’s 2 year duration will allow to sharpen and extend Kairntech’s reach into large-scale analysis of scientific and technical content and the ways, experts can be supported in their activities of assessing it and deriving insights from it.

On TecIntelli: TecIntelli stands for Technology and Innovation Intelligence and offers Smart Scouting solutions based on Smart Information Services driven by AI/NLP solutions. TecIntelli is a spin-off of Fraunhofer IAO and connects especially small and medium size enterprises with professional AI/NLP solutions for technology foresight, trend identification and scanning for competence based business opportunities. Find more information on

On Kairntech: Kairntech is a french-german software specialist, offering an AI/NLP software platform that supports many business use cases involving the analysis of text-based information. Kairntech is currently deployed at clients from different domains such as Boehringer-Ingelheim, Sopra-Steria, the Humboldt University Berlin, Fraunhofer SCAI, Groupe Revue Fiduciaire and many others. For more information, see