Kairntech as NLP platform in project “AI 4 Open Innovation”

The capabilities of Kairntech to support information analysis are employed in the research project AI4OI by TecIntelli and Fraunhofer IAO.

As TecIntelli expert Tim Schloen declares: “In project “Artificial  Intelligence 4 OpenInnovation” (AI4OI, funded by the german Bundesland Baden-Württemberg) we are using Kairntech to analyse technical and scientific literature on many different technology fields. In our project it is important to quickly and efficiently generate insights on, say, battery technology today, on road construction tomorrow and on yet another topic the day after that.

Here, we benefit from the capabilities of Kairntech to not only support the generation of machine learning models for specific scenarios, but also that Kairntech already comes with a very rich set of world knowledge pre-packaged and ready to be used: On a typical technology field, Kairntech offers very fine-grained collection of terms and categories out of the box that give us a valuable jump-start when addressing a new topic, speeding up the analysis and supporting innovation processes.

From the viewpoint of Kairntech this assessment underlines once more the broad range of use cases on which the software can add value to information analysis tasks. By definition the project team needs to perform analyses on many different topics.

More information on project AI4OI can be found here.