How to build a gazetteer?

Once you have imported a business vocabulary (see How to import a vocabulary?) and defined the Terms you want to use, you can create an annotator (the official name being gazetteer).

Following the convention, we call such a vocabulary-based annotator a “Gazetteer”.

  • Go to the Business vocabulary view
  • Go to the Gazetteers tab.
  • Create a new gazetteer
  • Give the gazetteer a name
  • Select the terms in the imported business vocabulary and associate them with a label.
    • You may need to define the label first in order to be able to associate them with the imported business vocabulary.
  • Define the matching policy for each label.
    • If you implement a gazetteer in French, you have additional matching policies as below.
  • Synchronize the gazetteer
    • This may take few minutes for large vocabularies.
  • Go to the Annotation Test view to try the annotator (gazetteer) on a document
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