Superior content services require accurate and up-to-date information

Information providers need to add value from content. However, tagging and classifying content to enrich internal databases is tedious, time consuming and error prone.

Can Kairntech’s AI make life easier for journalists and information professionals?

Focus on writing content, we take care of the rest

Support journalists with tags, IPTC classification and slugs

👉 Automatically create easy-to-approve suggestions for Tags that are contextualized with Wikidata. Classify by IPTC Media Topic categories and create slugs

Enrich taxonomies thanks to AI

👉 Enrich and improve internal taxonomies that are the cornerstone of value-added services. Benefit from world knowledge and support for multiple languages

Do it yourself with a no-code platform  

👉 Quickly build smart applications, without being a programmer, while benefitting from the work of colleagues and open-source community to create embeddable value-added services in record time

How does it work?

Upload your documents and select a few dozen examples of information elements that are of interest.

The artificial intelligence automatically learns from the examples that you provided and will propose you to accept or reject new elements.


Combine the model thus obtained with other components, deploy and integrate a new, innovative service in record time.

We are here to help

Yes, we can integrate your business vocabulary in our system with a tight integration with Wikidata that we keep up-to-date. We can also suggest you new candidates (you will have to validate) to continuoulsy enrich your business vocabulary.

We implement a multilingual system reaching high accuracy. Assuming you can provide a decent training dataset, we can build such solution.

It is necessary to give about 50 examples per concept sought to obtain good results.

Yes, it is possible to have a customized support if you wish. Kairntech can develop your solution according to your specifications in a few days.

Access to the Studio costs 3K € per year per named user.

A first industrialized project costs 15K € per year for a startup and 25K € for SME & large enterprise. The  cost for additional projects amounts to several thousands of Euros per year.

100% secured, 100% transparent


All our data storage systems take into account the constraints of the GDPR.


Manage fine-grained access rights to facilitate access to multiple stakeholders.


In the cloud or on-premise, choose the mode that best suits your organization.

They trust us

Can documents analysis be automated?