Massive contract analysis

Higher and costlier risk of mistakes, increased security requirements of customers, refusal to carry out repetitive tasks, constraint to increase productivity…

Can Kairntech’s AI solve these challenges?

Spent time where you are most valuable

We take care of the rest

Gain in efficiency by eliminating time-consuming and tedious tasks

Automatically analyze tens (or more) contracts thanks to the Kairntech AI and assign your staff to high value-added tasks.

Reduce risk by not letting anything pass

Stop analyzing just a representative sample; be exhaustive and do not miss any important or critical information.

Do it yourself by using your domain expertise

You can build your own solution without any programming skills or by setting up a complex IT project.

How does it work?

Upload your contracts and select several tens of examples of information elements that are of interest.

The AI automatically learns from the examples that you provided and propose you to accept or reject new elements.


The AI extracts the required information and lists the results as an Excel table.

We are here to help

Yes, Kairntech provides a converter to transform PDF images into text. But be aware of the quality of the scans.

It is necessary to give about 50 examples per concept sought (duration Around fifty examples are needed containing the required information elements (contract duration, warranty amount, start date…) to obtain good results.

Yes, you can benefit from dedicated support. Kairntech can build your solution according to your specifications in a few days.

Absolutely, the Kairntech AI allows you to analyze a wide range of documents including general assemblies, court decisions, company status or legislation.

Access to the Studio costs 3K € per year per named user.

A first industrialized project costs 15K € per year for a startup and 25K € for SME & large enterprise. The  cost for additional projects amounts to several thousands of Euros per year.

100% secured, 100% transparent


All the systems that process and store data are fully GDPR compliant.

Access management

Manage fine-grained access rights to facilitate access to multiple stakeholders.


Select the deployment method (on-premise or Cloud) that best fits the needs of your organization.

They trust us

Can the analysis of my contracts be automated?