Trustworthy GenAI language assistants

Experiment quickly, customize extensively, industrialize seamlessly and improve quality continuously

Experiment quickly

  • 50+ pre-packaged and always up-to-date components in an easy-to-use web environment
  • Experiment with question-answering (RAG), information extraction, text classification…
  • Benefit from ready-to-use annotators, knowledge bases such as Wikidata, AI models and Large Language Models (LLMs)

Customize extensively

  • Leverage text and metadata from complex document sources (scientific literature, Excel…) and business vocabularies to build GenAI language assistants
  • Build datasets faster with text labeling tools, active learning and smart pre-annotations.
  • Improve accuracy and trust by training AI models
  • Fine tune embeddings models, LLMs
  • Evaluate and benchmark quality to increase performance

Deploy seamlessly

  • Deploy pipelines of GenAI language assistants in SaaS or on premise with Kairntech Server
  • Embed within existing applications through a rich REST API
  • Run at scale on a distributed environment with Single Sign-On

Improve quality continuously

  • Implement feedback loops for GenAI language assistants
  • Retrain AI models for continuous improvement
  • Automate Knowledge Base enrichment