GenAI for mental healthcare

Digital mental healthcare interventions (DMHIs) have been repeatedly mentioned as a possible solution for the growing demand for accessible treatment for patients suffering from common mental health problems (i.e., depression and anxiety disorders).

NiceDay’s DMHIs platform has been academically verified as an effective tool for treating depression or anxiety disorders.

This platform will be improved by adding state of the art NLP technologies to add new language-based capabilities to enhance productivity while improving treatment efficiency.

More efficient and higher quality healthcare

Mental health problems are growing in incidence and severity, with the most prominent ones, depression and anxiety disorders, together amounting to a significant loss of economic productivity, as well as a reduced quality of life and life expectancy. Thereby mental healthcare is under treated.

In the United States, fewer than half of individuals in need of mental health treatment receive care. Many people have difficulty accessing appropriate mental health care and this has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

When mental healthcare professionals can spend more time on treatment and these treatments become even more effective, mental health problems can be treated more decisively.

Automated language processing

In the MindSpeak project (Enhancing data-supported psychotherapy through Advanced AI-Powered Language Technologies and Personalization) NiceDay and Kairntech will develop a unique and revolutionary feature for Digital Mental Health Care Interventions (DMHIs) which, by using Natural Language Processing (NLP), not only automates therapist tasks, but also creates and leverages data to radically improve the quality of treatments.

At the core of the process is the automated generation and smart summarization of meeting notes after each treatment. With the use of beyond state of the art NLP, the spoken text during the (online) treatment session will be transcribed, cleaned, reworked, also being able to distinguish between speakers. Through complex NLP pipelines the platform will be able to generate smart summaries, based not only the generated text during the meeting, but they will also be enriched relying on metadata such as historical meeting notes and input data from the therapist. Automating this task saves mental healthcare professionals up to an hour a day and allows them to treat more patients within the same amount of time.

The platform will be able to use meeting notes as a new data source to improve the quality of treatment and further tailor the treatment to the individual needs of the patient. Based on the analysis of meeting notes and summaries over time and accompanying metadata, these notes can be used as an additional tracker for treatment progress. This gives the therapist as well as the patient more meaningful and data-driven insights. In doing so, it is also input for NiceDay’s yet-to-be-developed recommender system, which recommends new exercises and therapies based on the patient’s previous treatments and progress. Both for sessions with the therapist and for online exercises that the patient performs independently.

The MindSpeak project will enhance the NiceDay platform by incorporating microlearning capabilities. Microlearning involves delivering small, digestible content chunks, such as videos, podcasts, quizzes, and downloadable materials, which take 3-5 minutes to consume. Each content piece focuses on a specific learning goal, providing quick answers to relevant questions.

The NiceDay platform will use NLP to create tailored, engaging content from its open-source database, which will then be reviewed by therapists before being sent to patients. This personalized content, delivered in various formats, aims to improve treatment effectiveness through microlearning.

The project will support multiple languages (French, Dutch, and English) and will use specialized NLP models designed for mental health care. Additionally, metadata collected from generated summaries and other content will be analyzed to provide insights into treatment effectiveness, helping therapists improve outcomes. This aligns with NiceDay’s goal of ensuring all psychologists perform at the highest level.